Civilian Police Review Board



(a) General: There shall be a Civilian  Police Review Board (CPRB), which will receive, investigate and make appropriate recommendations to the Mayor and Chief of Police of the Town of Wolcott regarding complaints of citizens not excluding employees of the Police Department, against members of the Wolcott Police Department and/or civilian employees thereof.

(b) Powers and Duties of Board: The CPRB shall be notified by the Mayor’s Office,  the Chief of Police and or any individual member of CPRB of any and all complaints against members of the Wolcott Police Department and/or civilian employees thereof whether such complaints be written, oral or anonymous.

The CPRB shall be provided with all police documents, reports, electronic transmission, videotape and any other transcriptions related to any civilian complaint. (The Chief of Police may take appropriate actions to maintain the security of police documents, reports, electronic transmissions and videotape reviewed by CPRB) The CPRB may request the Chief of Police conduct appropriate internal affairs investigations of serious complaints against members or civilian employees of the police department. The CPRB shall review the conclusions of any internal affairs investigation of a complaint prior to any disciplinary action being taken and recommend further investigation to the Chief of Police if appropriate. The CPRB may request written statements made under oath through the Chief of Police from any member or civilian employee of the department and of the complainant in order to fully investigate any complaint. The CPRB shall make a written report of their investigation and findings and their recommendation as to discipline to be taken if any regarding all complaints, when appropriate, to the Mayor and Chief of Police, however, the CPRB shall not have authority to impose discipline. The Chief of Police and/or Mayor, where appropriate, shall make the decision regarding discipline. The Chief of Police and/or Mayor shall explain his or her disciplinary action in writing for each complaint if different from the recommendation of the CPRB.

(c) The Civilian Police Review Board shall consist of five members, no more than three of whom shall be members of the same political party.

(i) Town Council Representative: One member shall be a member of the Town Council nominated by Town Council for a term corresponding to said member’s immediate term as a Councilperson.

(ii) Appointments; term of office. No later than January 1, 2011, the Mayor with Town Council approval shall appoint two members whose terms shall expire on December 31, 2014 and two members whose terms shall expire on December 31, 2012. At the expiration of their respective terms, their successors shall be appointed for a term of four years.

(iii) No Compensation. Members shall serve without compensation.

(d) Organization of Civilian Police Review Board: During January 2011 and January of each odd numbered year thereafter, the Board shall select from among its members a chair, vice chair and such other officers as it may desire.

(i) Secretary and record keeping. The Mayor shall appoint a secretary to the Board which secretary may not be a member of the Board. The Town Clerk shall act as  record keeper for the Board.

(ii) Meeting Schedule. The Board shall meet no less than two times per year The organizational meeting shall be no more than 30 days after the appointment process of each term.

(iii) Authority and actions of members. No member shall have any authority to act on behalf of the Board except pursuant to an order regularly made at a meeting of the Board.

(iv) Quorum and voting requirements. Three members shall constitute a quorum and a concurrent vote of no fewer than three members shall be necessary for the transaction of business.

(v) Public meetings and public participation. All meetings, except executive sessions, as defined in the State Freedom of Information Act or any successor thereto, shall be public. At the start of each regularly scheduled public meeting the Board shall allot a minimum of 15 minutes for public speaking, with a minimum of three minutes per speaker.

(vi) Bylaws. The Board shall have the power to adopt its own bylaws for the conduct of its business accordance with the provisions of this code.